Month: May 2021

Reach New Heights

Believe in yourself and you will reach new heights, Like a balloon of hot air, you’ll be a rising sight… Keep your eyes on your goals as you start to soar, Ever higher as you go on your successful tour…. Read More ›


Purple petunias proudly project peaceful poses… Each exudes exceptional elegance… Amazing aromas abound all around… Captivating calm colorful creations… Enlighten everyone each examination. Originally wrote these words in 2017 but given we can all use more Peace in our lives,… Read More ›

A Child’s Gift

“For you, Daddy!”, she said to me, dandelions in her hand… “Thank you!”, I said, as I held them close, her face beamed oh so grand! The gift, you see, is something more, a symbol of her love… For this… Read More ›

Artwork Endeavor

I have started a new endeavor to expand my digital art skills to include more realism into my artwork. I have shared many creations of earlier work on this site before, including those here below but they are squarely in… Read More ›