Almost Maroon Lilies, FOTD

These are some deep purple, almost maroon colored lilies that grow in a small garden around our light post. I look forward to them blooming every summer. Posted for Cee’s Flower of the Day, November 13, 2019 Thanks for stopping in and have a great day! Jim Sponseller – – 2019

Windows Into The Soul, A Tale For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Gary studied the man intently, capturing every detail. The length of the man’s hair, the shape of his nose. None of it would matter much though if he didn’t get the eyes just right. He spent most of his time on the man’s eyes. Windows into the man’s being, his soul. Eyes told you aContinue reading “Windows Into The Soul, A Tale For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge”

Missing the Sun, A Marigold’s Lament – Poem and FOTD

Missing the sun,Seasons now change,What have I done?Seems rather strange…Rays now are less,Replaced by these leaves,Feeling more stress,Come back soon please…Wondering now,Can I make it much more,I don’t know how,Chilled to the core…Just one more glance,As I’m fading away,Crossed the expanse,No more to say. As I was thinking about the picture above being one ofContinue reading “Missing the Sun, A Marigold’s Lament – Poem and FOTD”