H-A-U-N-T-E-D F-O-R-E-S-T, A Pictureless Poem

Headed deep into the wood,

Around us it grew dark,

Up ahead a stranger stood,

No others in this park,

Turned to us, his face a mask,

Eyes were glowing red,

Dripped some blood into a flask,

Filled our cores with dread,

Over head a mist moved in

Rolled along the ground,

Echoes of a mass of ghosts,

Sounded all around,

Terrified we fled this scary host.


For Monstrous Halloween prompt #21, You find yourself lost in a haunted forest, how spooky is it?

Thank you for reading and have a good night!

Jim Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2019

Published by Jim Sponseller

By day, a programmer of computers, by night a masked crusader on the front for justice! errr....erm, no. I do create art and writing for everyones enjoyment at mindescapes.net

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