Summer Camp of Horror, A Haunting Tale – Monstrous Halloween


I remember it like it was yesterday though I was only fourteen years old at the time. We had been at camp for several days. Odd things had been happening but the counselors believed it was campers playing pranks on one another and ignored the signs. At first, it was only minor annoyances. A couple boys locked out of their cabin. A canoe tipped over, spilling out its riders.

It apparently didn’t have the intended effect, something wanted us gone! The events took on a more macabre turn.

Justin was on the diving board getting a good bounce for a dive. He jumped up, and when he came back down, the board didn’t spring. Instead it was like he came down on concrete, breaking his leg.

Michael was roasting a marshmallow on a stick. The stick sprouted thorns which pierced through his palm. I’m sure he still has the scars.

It was getting serious, people were getting hurt. The counselors finally started to see something wasn’t right but it was too late to save Charlie. He had been headed back to his cabin after our nightly campfire songs and crossed paths with a possessed porcupine. His screams drew everyone over. He was covered from head to toe in quills, eyes pierced, blood streaming everywhere. He died, convulsing on the ground as we all looked on in horror.

How do you forget something like that? I certainly never will.

This was written for prompt #16 of Monstrous Halloween, Tell a scary story about a summer camp

Hatchet and Campground image by frantafalta @ pixabay

I hope you enjoyed this tale for Halloween. Thank you for stopping in and have a great day!

Jim Sponseller – – 2019


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