Poor Tree, A Tale For Monstrous Halloween

A wail rang out on the hillside, “I used to be beautiful! Oh, oh, what’s happened?, My leaves! Falling out everywhere!“, the lonely tree exclaimed.

“You’re still beautiful!”, I say, “Look at how you accent this sunset!”

Then why doesn’t anyone come and sit under me anymore. My green leaves were wonderful and even when I got highlights of color people would sit under me just to gaze at my loveliness! No, no one comes now because I am ugly!“, cried the tree.

“You are not ugly! Your branches still look amazing! Just wait for the snow, when you are tinged in fresh white highlights! That will draw some people.”, I said, trying to console the poor tree.

“And then in spring,” I continued, “In spring you well get a new coat of leaves, as green as anything! Surely that will bring the people over!”

Still sobbing but relenting a bit the tree said, “Are you sure? I suppose you’re right. Thank you my friend.

“Any time, my dear tree.”, I said. “I really mean it, even without your leaves you ARE beautiful. With time, they will even grow back anyway.”


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Tree at sunset image by jplenio @ pixabay

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