Monsters Manic Halloween Bash, A Tale – Monstrous Halloween

So yesterday I attended the most bizarre Halloween Party! It was a costume party I thought, and I showed up dressed like a werewolf, furry paws and all.

I was standing off to the side when this two headed ogre gal walked over and started a three way conversation with me. I was thinking what an amazing costume! Both heads could look right at you and the voice came from either one. That must have taken hours to put together.

As the conversation went on though, I started to grow worried…

“Have you tried one of those severed fingers?”, The ogre gals left head asked.

“No, but those treats looks so real, I am impressed! I may have to try one yet.”, I replied.

“Yeah, I don’t know how Theodora does it! They really do look like cookies but taste so much better. I’ve had several.”, said her right head.

Her left head cut in with, “I asked her what her secret is. Can you believe she only uses well aged hands? Oh and left hands only. That’s important she says. They must be fresh too, no harvesting from the already dead.”

Her right head nodded, adding thoughtfully, “I think she just enjoys the screams of the living ones.”

I was about sick at this point, decided maybe I wasn’t at the right party.

“I better go grab one now before they are gone.”, I said, excusing myself and heading for the door.

On my way out I walked through no less than three ghosts. My pace quickening after each ectoplasmic brush wanting to be out of there before being discovered.

Just a warning, check your invitation! If it reads Monsters Manic Halloween Bash and doesn’t mention costumes, it may not be for you!


This was my entry for number 4 of the Monstrous Halloween event, You’re at a ‘costume’ party when you realize, none of the other creatures attending are costumed. What happens?

I hope you are having a fun Halloween season!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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Halloween treats image by
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Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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