Halloween, A Year Past, The Next 5 Days (collection)

One of the things I enjoy about some of the content I create is that it is timeless, as enjoyable now as when it was first unveiled to the world. This post compiles a collection of the Halloween Challenge posts I published for 2017, entries 14 through 18. I hope you enjoy them!


It is so easy to succumb to these Halloween Challenges…so much fun!

Here is day 14 for JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spider in limerick form.

[Begin scene]

I know of this one little spider,

Who likes to drink warm apple cider,

With a cinnamon stick,

He drinks it down quick,

Then each day grows a little bit wider!

[End scene]


Here is day 15 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge : Trick.

[Begin scene]

Our dog’s skills ascend as he learns of new tricks,

But the latest does not involve retrieving sticks…

Instead it takes on a more hallowed tone,

No, I do not talk of him burying a bone…

This new trick you see brings about more dread,

For it happens to be, he’s playing undead.

[End scene]


This is day 16 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge : Treat. I am trying to remain loyal in completing them. It has been fun but been busy lately too! I hope you enjoy this!

[Begin scene]

A trick or a treat, oh how to decide,
You’re here on my doorstep, just outside…

If I choose just a trick on this spooky night,
Will it be something scary, quite a fright?…

I would rather not know, here please take this treat,
And, oh by the way, your costume is neat!

[End scene]


Here is day 17 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Autumn

Not at all risky but perhaps a bit…brisky?

[Begin scene]

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons,
Just stick around, I’ll give you some reasons…

The leaves take upon them a vibrant hue,
Some orange, some gold, and even red too…

The ponds in the morning have a light misty fog,
The air is quite crisp for that brisk morning jog…

A cool night is brightened by a welcoming fire,
It brightens all faces when the flames burn higher…

So clearly you see, it is one of the best,
Yes ranking right up there with all of the rest!

[End scene]


Here is day 18 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood

[Begin scene]

This single drop of blood,

Shall make the brew complete…

To change a harmless bud,

Into a plant with several feet…

It will run around the block,

Giving everyone a fright…

Right up until the clock,

Rings out it is midnight…

So listen for the whistle,

Of the train midnight express

To know this grown up thistle…

Has finally come to rest.

[End scene]

I hope you are having a wonderful lead up to Halloween! Stay spooky out there!

All of the artwork in these entries I created on my tablet,

a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7″

Get yours today!!


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