Insidious (story, Bravado part 2 of 3)

[This is a continuation of Bravado, read part 1 here.]

“I can try to get you a few more eggs”, offered Charlie, “Only until you find another source that is. I can’t stick my neck out for long.”

Fred’s look of worry faded slightly at that response. “Thank you, Charlie! Tomorrow, same time and place?”

“Yes! Now get out of here before you get us caught!”, Charlie bawked.

Fred padded over and squeezed under the fence, then disappeared from view.

Betty pulled her ear away from the hen house wall where she had been listening. She was not going to end up like Millie for lack of eggs.

“Girls! Listen up!”, she clucked to the other hens. “All hens meeting tomorrow morning, crack of dawn, when Charlie leaves to wake the farmer. He’s up to something insidious and we’re putting a stop to it!”

[To be continued…(Unexpected – Bravado part 3 of 3)]

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Word of the Day Challenge: Insidious

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