Unexpected (story – Bravado part 3 of 3)

[This is the 3rd and final part of this story. Read part 1(Bravado) and part 2(Insidious) if you haven’t already. ] The next morning Charlie started his day normally, heading outside to wake the farm at dawn. As soon as he left the coop Betty called all the hens together. “Our very own rooster hasContinue reading “Unexpected (story – Bravado part 3 of 3)”

Insidious (story, Bravado part 2 of 3)

[This is a continuation of Bravado, read part 1 here.] “I can try to get you a few more eggs”, offered Charlie, “Only until you find another source that is. I can’t stick my neck out for long.” Fred’s look of worry faded slightly at that response. “Thank you, Charlie! Tomorrow, same time and place?”Continue reading “Insidious (story, Bravado part 2 of 3)”