Christmas Challenge: Week #2 Round-Up

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting, sharing, and participating in the 2017 Christmas Challenge here at! We’ve had a decent turn out so far (thank you all!) but we’re always open to more participants!

This is the second round-up post to highlight all the participants in week 2, days 10 through 17. For participants of the first 9 day prompts be sure to check out Christmas Challenge, Weekish #1 Round-up!

Day 10 – Sleigh

Christmas Challenge: Sleigh (

Dark Christmas – Sleigh (


Day 11 – Light

Just a Few Words (

Christmas Challenge – Light ( – Rebel Girl)

Christmas Challenge: Light (

Dark Christmas – Light (


Day 12 – Rudolph

Senryu – Rudolph (

Scene – Christmas Challenge: Rudolph (


Day 13 – Shepherd

Christmas Challenge: Shepherd (


Day 14 – Snowflake

Christmas Challenge: Snowflake (


Day 15 – Manger

Christmas Challenge: Manger (


Day 16 – Reindeer

Senryu – Quaint Holiday Yard (


Day 17 – Magi

Blogmas Poem – Time To Remember (


Hopefully my compass is in tune and I didn’t overlook any! If so, please tell me in a comment so I can fix the faux pas! Thank you!


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6 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge: Week #2 Round-Up

  1. I’ve wondered where you’ve been, glad to see you’ve just taken a short break! Sometimes breaks are necessary. I’m finding it difficult to keep up with my own challenge it’s been so busy in my life.


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