Eye of Mine, A Stream of Conciousness Poem

Drawn by my hand, Scratched in the sand, Cast forth some lines, This eye of mine, Starts to emerge, Now on the verge, Makes quite a scene, What does it mean, Place to begin, From deep within, Just trace them now, Get lost some how, Into the task, Reveals the mask, Of who you are,Continue reading “Eye of Mine, A Stream of Conciousness Poem”

As The Day Fades Away, A Dusk Time Poem

As the day fades away, So much color burst, An awesome display, Fulfills the eyes’ thirst, As night comes to play, Day’s farewell is first. ————— The horizon two nights ago. I love a good sunset 🙂 I chose this picture as inspiration for today based on Fandango’s One Word Challenge: horizon I hope youContinue reading “As The Day Fades Away, A Dusk Time Poem”