Star Flower in Pink

Pink 5 petal flower
Pink 5 petal flower

So, I tried to use the same starting image of the flower in purple but made a few adjustments. Turns out these changes all at once were a bit much and I lost some of the color depth and ended up getting the left side a bit out of proportion.

  • Apply in a sort of speed painting method – laying color to paper without the light scene sketch to start
  • Try a different set of colors from the reference image as a creative substitution
  • Deepen the shadows to capture the light and shadow regions better
  • Try to work with a bit less blending to keep the colors more sharp

Ultimately, most of the colors are good, the background is a bit more crisp and varied. The portion of the flower in the light is good but the veining tended a bit heavy. It could be a poor color choice…too much red. Speaking of color choices, I didn’t have a proper shade in my pastel kit to pull out the shadows so I added a bit of dark gray into the mix. A bit too much dark gray, and with blending to even it out kind of turned the shadow region a bit muddy with a lack of color variation. I think it resembles the shadows better than the flower in purple, but came at a loss of color depth so I am not as pleased.

Overall, it is a lovely piece in my somewhat biased opinion 😉 The picture here doesn’t do it much justice. I need to start using a better camera than my cell phone for these pictures. I am standing back a bit with the camera to reduce the texture and allow some visual color blending and using the camera zoom to achieve a larger image but it is blurring a bit much.

My next painting is going to be a landscape/sunset scene in winter. It is done and I will talk about it next time! Until then, have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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Jim Sponseller – – 2021

It’s Done! OK, nearly. Is artwork ever quite finished?

Pastel Painting of Violet Star
Pastel Painting of Violet Star

Added a bit more detail and cleanup of the background, and added some detail to the flower itself with the stamen and veining. Quite happy with the end result, (end result? well, maybe after I touch up that one shadow here…)

Anyway, for comparison, here is the image of it I posted just a couple days ago.

These images are taken pretty close up and you can see the underlying paper texture but a few steps back appear nice and smooth.

Resulting picture is roughly 9×11…with a bit of matting it should fit nicely in a frame.

Thanks for following along! More to come…

Jim Sponseller – – 2021

Work In Progress – Flower – Violet Star

Flower – Violet Star – Pastel 06/2021

I am really liking the current piece I am working on, pictured above. A violet flower shaped as a 5 pointed star done in soft pastel. I still have a bit of work to do cleaning up some edges and placing some detail of the flower and a bit of cleanup on the background but over all it is coming together nicely.

It has been a good feeling getting pigment to canvas lately, or as in this case to pastel paper. It reinforces my decision to further pursue some additional art training through the Evolve Artist program. This program will better develop my fundamentals and open up the world of oil painting for me.

This lovely piece of art, along with others as I continue this journey, will be available for purchase as an extra through my buymeacoffee profile. I will provide more details about that soon. In the meantime, thank you for following along and giving me your support!

Jim Sponseller – – 2021

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