Could It Be Heaven?, A Tale For Monstrous Halloween

Running late, as usual, I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door. Instead of my garage I walked into a white covered land.

I quickly turned back and tried the front door instead. Again the white colored land stood before me. Oh great! Now I’m really going to be late, I thought to myself.

Nervously, I stepped out into what I initially thought must be snow but the temperature was way too warm for that. Comfortable really, not cold as I had expected. Looking around I could see that the door I emerged from appeared to belong to a small chapel, a warm glow coming from inside. It made me wonder if I had stumbled through a back door into heaven. No pearly gates, No St. Peter, just boom, here you are! Except there were no angels, no other people, and no God to be seen.

As I was pondering the place, the light went out in the chapel. The door slammed closed. I rushed over, tried to pull open the door but it wouldn’t budge.

How long would I be here? Will the door open again? Does time mean anything here?

Many questions, few answers. I hope time will tell!


This was my response to prompt #10 of the Monstrous Halloween prompt set, All of the doors leaving your house open to another dimension, where do you end up?

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Word of the Day Challenge: nervous

Chapel in the snow image by jplenio @ pixabay.

Thanks for reading and have a good night!

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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