WOTD: Shambles (poem)

So much in our lives to be thankful for,

If naught else but here to exist…

Yet seldom I see any thanks out to pour,

No, this notion so many resist…

It leaves inside us but shambles,

Rots right down to the core…

I could go on with my rambles,

But this impression needs no more.

I haven’t participated in the Word of the Day Challenge lately and found today’s word of Shambles striking a chord. We’ve become a society so absorbed in ourselves we often fail to be thankful for much of anything. Even the day set aside for the concept in the U.S. (Thanksgiving) has become little more than a bookend to the Christmas spending season. Sad…

© 2018 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net

Special thanks to intographics @ pixabay for the broken world image


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3 replies

  1. it’s like humankind has kicked into “dance dance dance for tomorrow we die” mode. shambled and rotting. i’ve thought of how popular zombies have become lately in media. a living deadness…

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  2. Yeah, we shuffle forward, it isn’t ‘brains’ we mutter. Just ‘moooorre!’

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  3. not sure whether to 🙂 or 😦 at that. so true

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