Awkward! (story)

Awkward. That’s one way to describe how Kylie felt after rounding the corner right into an open locker door. Mostly she just wanted to melt away. To be away from the glares and stares of the other students crowding the halls between classes. As if her day hadn’t been going bad enough, now she had the whole school gawking at her clumsiness.

Just then the locker door swung closed. Standing at the locker was none other than the high school’s star quarterback, Brock.

“Was that you?”, Brock asked, looking almost sympathetic.

“Uhh, sorry.”, was all Kylie could manage. She looked about, hoping to see an easy exit from the situation but no path seemed clear.

“I’m sorry, Kylie isn’t it?”, Brock said. “I’ve seen you around. I hear you play a wicked game of soccer.”

Kylie blushed slightly at the compliment but mostly because her biggest crush was actually talking to her.

“Yeah, soccer is the best!, uhh, not that football isn’t good too.”, she replied, knowing his status on the school team.

Brock smiled a warm smile as the butterflies bounced about in Kylie’s stomach.

“Would, uh, would you like to hang out after the game this Friday?”, Brock asked, his turn to seem a little nervous.

“Yes, I think I would like that very much!”, She replied with little hesitation.

“Perfect, meet me back here after next class and we can exchange numbers and plans.”, Brock said.

They both left off towards their next classes, a bit hurried to beat the bell. A final glance they shared between them just before passing out of sight. Awkwardness forgotten, Kylie thought just how good the day was after all.

[The end.]

© 2018 – James Sponseller –

(originally posted to my discontinued blog, Shared Here)

Special thanks to tlparadis for the lockers image.

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