Poetry: Stout Volunteer

Standing stout and very proud,

In this somewhat fertile ground…

Here you see its vibrant blooms,

Warding off some grey day glooms…

Not quite planned, no others near,

Grows this treasured volunteer…

At this sight my day improves,

And many hearts I pray it moves.

I actually snapped this photo just outside my place of work. It made me smile to see the volunteer flowers sprouting up and in full bloom on the grassy hillside near the building where I have not seen anything planted for years. I hope it has brightened your day too!

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  1. Love the photo and accompanying verse. 💚⚘🙂

  2. Thank you, Amanda! You are always so kind. I need to stop over and catch up on your blog. I had been so busy things went stale here and I have fallen behind on what others have been up to 🙁 Glad to see you are still active!!

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