Scene: Funnel of Dusk

[Begin scene] A day calm and serene, closing once again… Light gathering into the funnel of dusk, melding into the brightest yellows… Reds and purples streaming in, reflected about by a mix of clouds… A small pond mirroring back the beautiful sight, highlighting a stand of pines… The horizon, a dark silhouette, like ash againstContinue reading “Scene: Funnel of Dusk”

Daily Prompt: Treat

Just a short, and so-so poem today.   The snow piled deep, Whilst everyone did sleep, When morning came, With weather to blame, A day for us to keep.   A simple welcome treat, To stay within the sheets, And spend more time, With my wife sublime, And hope for a repeat!   Deep SnowContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Treat”