Thanful For: My Phone

Each day up to and including Thanksgiving I will post about something I am thankful for. If you like the idea I invite you to do the same.

Today I am thankful for my phone.

My phone is currently a Motorola Droid 4. Not a new model but a model that isn’t so large, has a slide out full keyboard, and still handles most of todays websites and apps. This post was even created using the Android WordPress app from my phone. I really like having the physical keyboard. It makes typing out lengthy text messages or other walls of text much faster and the tactile feedback is very pleasant. I will have to look for a physical keyboard phone when this one finally dies but I fear they have fallen out of favor and may be difficult to find. Anyway, I have been very happy with this phone for several years and am thankful to have it.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m thankful that my cold is over. My nose, throat, and chest are open, and I can breathe. There’s nothing like a bad cold to make us appreciate feeling well.

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  2. Very true. I’m glad you are feeling better!


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