Thankful For: My Childhood

Each day up to and including Thanksgiving I will post about one thing I am thankful for. I invite you to do the same if you like the idea.

Today, I am thankful for my childhood.

The picture above was taken by my wife from the house where we currently live. It is the farm where my siblings and I grew up and a view I get to enjoy daily. Life on a farm is very different from both small town living and big city dwelling. Just like everyone else, this place I was raised had a major influence on who I am today.

Growing up on a farm, you learn certain facts of life much earlier. You tend to be given responsibilities and jobs to do from an early age because there is always work to be done. There is plenty of space to roam freely and much of nature to see daily. There is fun climbing in the mounds of straw and building forts with the bales. Our parents were always around when we wanted to talk or needed anything else and gave us so much of themselves. I have many fond memories of growing up there and am thankful for those experiences and who I have grown into as a result.

What are you thankful for today?




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  1. Yes, a job is a good thing to be thankful for. Especially if it is something you like doing.

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