Thankful For: Our Puppy Dog

Each day up to and including Thanksgiving I will post about one thing I am thankful for. I invite you to do the same if you are so inclined.

Today, I am thankful for our puppy dog.

Her name is Reesie and I met her the night I met my wife to be.  She was a three month old puppy at the time and was this tiny bundle of energy practically bouncing off the walls! My wife jokes that she used to have a puppy but that puppy has become mine as she has taken such a liking to me. She loves us both though and is a ton of fun.

The picture above is Reesie in her dragon costume. She was sitting on my lap as we passed out candy for Halloween the other day. One of my favorite games to play with her is Hide and Seek. My wife and I will run and hide in the house and Reesie comes and finds us. She gets pretty excited 🙂

She has a great personality and I am thankful to have her in my life.

Do you have any pets you are thankful for?








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4 thoughts on “Thankful For: Our Puppy Dog

  1. Your pup looks so sweet! What breed is she? I have 4 pets: three cats and one dog. I am thankful for each and every one of them.

  2. Well, she was a rescue pup from a group called Save-A-Mom that rescues pregnant or new mother dogs. Her mother was a beagle and it is believed the father had some terrier and chiuaua. She favors the beagle look with the floppy ears but has that interesting tan color with white socks and tail tip. She is adorable and has a great personality!

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