Halloween Challenge: Potion

Here is day 20 for JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Potion, in a bit longer poem than I originally expected.

[Begin scene]

Do you think one of these potions,
Would help me regrow my hair?

I’ve been through all other motions,
Yet my head remains quite bare!

It would be so very easy,
To take of these potions and drink.

Yet my insides feel a bit queasy,
There is much to fear I think.

One of them could bring to life,
a creature from deep within.

Oh how that would cause much strife,
I don’t even know where to begin!

Another might make me fall in love,
with someone I would rather not.

It makes me cringe now thinking of,
with whom I would tie the knot!

I think it is quite safe to say,
I’ll be leaving these potions sit.

My head will keep its hairless way,
And my life, I’ll get on with it.

[End scene]




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