Scene: A Quiet Place

Not superficial but real, a sonnet for this Sunday!

[Begin scene]

Between the rocks along a tiny trail,
Is found this place of little water falls…

When here no thoughts to give of win or fail,
Just sit and listen close to natures calls…

The woods around are host to many things,
And others you will find inside the stream…

Now hear the song a happy blue bird sings,
It’s better than the latest online meme…

So find your way to such a quiet place,
And leave the daily stresses of your life…

Because you cannot win this crazed rat race,
That fills your life with not but ire and strife.

If not a quiet place that you can find,
Imagine well and make one in your mind.

[End scene]




© 2017 – James Sponseller –


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  1. I, go to mine when I want peace or to think, for a specific reason, or because it is just quiet.


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