Christmas Challenge: Santa

Welcome to day 18 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge! The prompt for today is Santa. Feel free to join in at any time!   [Begin scene] Santa tried on so many suits, A search for his best color….   Something that accents his boots, A match just like no other….   A coat that’s blue, a vibrant hue,Continue reading “Christmas Challenge: Santa”

Christmas Challenge: Naughty

Day 6 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Naughty. I’ve combined it with day 2: Nice. Probably should not have split those up to start with. Without further ado: [Begin scene] Naughty or nice it will be deemed, Which do you think you have esteemed… In check, I’ve kept my naughty side, In hopes I’ll get aContinue reading “Christmas Challenge: Naughty”