Flowered Imagination (poem)

Colorful creation, brought forth from my mind, Flowered imagination or something of the kind… Soothing and relaxing, to make this simple art, Something made from nothing, enlightening my heart… To make is more rewarding than anything destroyed, Even more fulfilling when by others they’re enjoyed. I am by no means a talented artist, just aContinue reading “Flowered Imagination (poem)”

Toolkit Tuesday: MediBang Paint

In last week’s installment,Toolkit Tuesday: Tablet, I covered my tablet and stylus. This week I would like to talk about the painting application I have used to create most of the artwork and mazes for this blog,┬áMediBang Paint. I have only used the free version for Android but according to their website it is supportedContinue reading “Toolkit Tuesday: MediBang Paint”