Rekindling an Old Flame (blacksmithing)

Yes, I am rekindling an old flame, quite literally. Many years ago I had the space to delve into this creative hobby, artistic blacksmithing, but you know how life goes, I had to move, then life happened. Finally, after 10… Read More ›

Poetry: Ode to Moon

Golden moon oh how you glow, Your bloom of light shines cross the night… Lighting up the ground below, Revealing such an awesome sight… Keeping dark from grabbing hold, You guide us till the morning light… Each month you’re there… Read More ›

Color Doodle

Just a small color based doodle. It has been rather cold around here the last few days with snow all around so I thought I would doodle with mostly with warm colors. They aren’t anything impressive, just a bit theraputic… Read More ›