Christmas Challenge: Manger

Welcome to the 15th day of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. The prompt for today is manger. [Begin scene] Meager manger full of hay, A soft place for our Lord to lay, He didn’t have the longest stay, Yet lived his life to pave the way. With this I am so glad to say, We’ll beContinue reading “Christmas Challenge: Manger”

Christmas Challenge: Snowflake

Welcome to day 14 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge, I apologize for it coming a day late. The prompt is snowflake. [Begin scene] It is that time of year, For those of us up north… To hunker down inside, As snowflakes do come forth… Unique in shape and size, Is every little flake… And toContinue reading “Christmas Challenge: Snowflake”

Christmas Challenge: Shepherd

Welcome to day 13 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. Please join in on the challenge fun, the steps can be found at that link. [Begin scene] As shepherds tend their flock, Unto them comes a shock… The angels take to song, Voicing joy all night long… Be not afraid, ye men, Peace this night isContinue reading “Christmas Challenge: Shepherd”

Scene – Christmas Challenge: Rudolph

Welcome to Day 12 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. The prompt for today is Rudolph. Just click on the link for steps to join in on the challenge fun!   [Begin scene] A quiet night, snow falling lightly to the ground… The faint sound of sleigh bells jingling overhead, almost lost among the snowflakes… AContinue reading “Scene – Christmas Challenge: Rudolph”