Star Flower in Pink

Pink 5 petal flower
Pink 5 petal flower
Pink 5 petal flower

So, I tried to use the same starting image of the flower in purple but made a few adjustments. Turns out these changes all at once were a bit much and I lost some of the color depth and ended up getting the left side a bit out of proportion.

  • Apply in a sort of speed painting method – laying color to paper without the light scene sketch to start
  • Try a different set of colors from the reference image as a creative substitution
  • Deepen the shadows to capture the light and shadow regions better
  • Try to work with a bit less blending to keep the colors more sharp

Ultimately, most of the colors are good, the background is a bit more crisp and varied. The portion of the flower in the light is good but the veining tended a bit heavy. It could be a poor color choice…too much red. Speaking of color choices, I didn’t have a proper shade in my pastel kit to pull out the shadows so I added a bit of dark gray into the mix. A bit too much dark gray, and with blending to even it out kind of turned the shadow region a bit muddy with a lack of color variation. I think it resembles the shadows better than the flower in purple, but came at a loss of color depth so I am not as pleased.

Overall, it is a lovely piece in my somewhat biased opinion šŸ˜‰ The picture here doesn’t do it much justice. I need to start using a better camera than my cell phone for these pictures. I am standing back a bit with the camera to reduce the texture and allow some visual color blending and using the camera zoom to achieve a larger image but it is blurring a bit much.

My next painting is going to be a landscape/sunset scene in winter. It is done and I will talk about it next time! Until then, have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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Jim Sponseller – – 2021

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