Rekindling an Old Flame (blacksmithing)

Coal burning bright in fire pot for blacksmithing
Coal burning bright in fire pot for blacksmithing
The fire is burning! Forge is alive once again!

Yes, I am rekindling an old flame, quite literally. Many years ago I had the space to delve into this creative hobby, artistic blacksmithing, but you know how life goes, I had to move, then life happened. Finally, after 10 years, I once again have a space I can smith.

For that long period, I had tools stored in an old barn. It didn’t do them any favors. As you can see, they have all gathered rust. Certainly my skills have rusted along with them.

Here is the fire pot mounted in an old metal table where I keep the coal fire hot and serviceable. It isn’t much to look at but does get the job done.

Cast iron fire pot placed in a metal table
My metal forge table which holds my cast iron fire pot.

The anvil and tongs hadn’t fared much better…

Rusty anvil complete with stand, tongs, and hammer
Rusty anvil complete with stand, tongs, and hammer.

The rust will come off. Especially with frequent use. I was so excited to have the fire going I had to try my hand at something. So I made these:

2 decorative "S" hooks, one larger than the other
First creations firing up my forge after 10 years.

A couple of manageable “S” hooks. The larger one is about 10″ long, the smaller roughly 6″. I’ve got a long road ahead to regain skills I used to have as well as pick up new ones I never managed to learn years ago! If you’re interested in the craft or want to follow along on my journey back into this wonderful hobby, be sure to bookmark the page: Blacksmithing for information to aspiring smiths as well as the recounting of my progress!

Thank you and have a great day!!


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