If nobody reads a post, does it make an impact?

One of the things I sometimes struggle with is putting together a post that I think is decent and would be well received only to find that very few if any people have viewed it. After a couple days pass it is quite lost in the ether as most people seem to read in the now, and don’t generally look back through older posts. I believe most of us would like what we create to be seen by others or we would simply type into our favorite word processor and only save locally.

There is some impact from the post on myself as I enjoy the creative processes but it seems soo much less valuable when it stays relatively unseen. Does this frustrate anyone else? How do you deal with this feeling?



Published by Jim Sponseller

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13 thoughts on “Stumped

  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve often thought about what you just said in your post too. I won’t lie, I want all of my posts to be viewed, liked, and commented on. I think it depends on who the reader is and what they like. Some people like my posts, some don’t. It’s frustrating because, I want all of my posts to be liked, but I can’t do much about it if no one does. I can only continue to write and improve my craft and hopefully a few readers will come to like my posts. Also, to build traffic, I often comment in the community pool. That’s a great place to meet new bloggers. It’s where I get most of my views from. When it comes to followers, I find that the majority of them follow me just to follow me and only do so to get a follow back. Most of them don’t even view my posts. It’s okay, maybe my post gets lost in their feed or they don’t want to read what I have to write. I am, however, grateful to the followers that I do have who view my posts even if they don’t leave a like or comment and the same goes to readers who do drop by. Don’t be too discouraged. You’ll build your audience as time goes on. It’s okay to not have 200 followers or 50 views per day in your first 2 months of blogging. A lot of these things take time.

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  2. it is hard when you don’t know if you have an audience. We all want to be liked. Luckily as bloggers, if we start building an audience, as it grows bigger, we can repost posts we particularly like to see if we get a wider/different response. Because an audience grows and because readers can change (even the same readers), the response at another time can be completely different. I had a travel story that went with a poem. Three months later I republished the same travel story with a different poem just because it fit. Second time around I got comments — from people who were following me earlier but just happened to miss it on the first go round. Unless something is very specifically time sensitive — like an election report, I think occasionally reblogging or resharing something is a good thing. anyways just a thought. I don’t think anything we write is wasted.

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  3. I think it might be hard to capture an audience because people only have so much time to devote to other bloggers. As much as I would love to stay on top of it, I follow over 100 people. I still have to work, cook, clean and contribute to my blog. Sometimes I just can’t comment or finish reading all the posts I want to.
    Wordpress is the best place to find a community. And given time, you will be happy that you kept at it. I understand how hard it is in the beginning. Your audience awaits you. There is no better place to be than here.

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