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Arrr, so ye be talkin’ like a pirate eh? Well find ye above a few more pirate terms in this word search of Pirate Parlance! Have ye a good time and let ye mateys know it’s here!

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var mindEscapesWordList = “AHOY MATEY,AVAST YE,BLIMEY,CROWS NEST,DAVEY JONES,JOLLY ROGER,LANDLUBBER,SCURVY DOG,SCUTTLE,WALK THE PLANK”; var mindEscapesImageSource = “https://mindescapesnet.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/9ec28-mindescapeswordsearchpirateparlance.png”; var mindEscapesContentOffsetY = 180; var mindEscapesImageWidth = 687.0; var mindEscapesImageHeight = 726.0;
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