MindEscapes scenes are meditation like creations that paint a setting in your mind letting you fill in certain details from your own imagination to complete the full picture.

Some contain photos, sketches, or other artwork as a means to spruce up the post and less so as a visual aid of the scene. The artwork by no means is intended to define the complete scene one should envision.

We hope you find them enjoyable and relaxing!

Listed here are all of the scenes to date ordered by most recent to oldest:

  1. Dubious Packaging
  2. Bloom of Lily
  3. Nearly Perfect Bloom
  4. Berry Red
  5. Maple Magic
  6. A Mindful Remedy
  7. Seeds of the Future
  8. Better Together
  9. Peeking Through
  10. Hard Places, Soft Spaces
  11. Peeling Away Time
  12. Final Harvest
  13. Photo Prompt: Rounded
  14. Seat With a View
  15. Fading Fall
  16. Golden Dunes,Green Lands
  17. A Moment Bright
  18. Woodpile Wonders
  19. Stained Glass Morning
  20. Spun Gold
  21. Draining the Sky
  22. Safety in Numbers
  23. Reflections
  24. Hanging On
  25. The Cave
  26. Silhouettes
  27. Silver Lining
  28. A Quiet Place
  29. Picturesque Pine
  30. A Dawn of Hope
  31. Purple Petunias
  32. Mighty Oak
  33. Sunflowers Stand Tall
  34. A Future Bright
  35. Space Needle
  36. Circle of Stone
  37. Then There Were None
  38. Mums the Word
  39. Red Balloon
  40. Fall Fields
  41. Pampered Puppy
  42. Shooting Star
  43. Autumn Ablaze
  44. Woollybear Wednesday
  45. Talk Like a Pirate Day
  46. Leaving the Nest
  47. Oh Glorious Day
  48. Lanterns of the Sea
  49. Imagination at Play
  50. Thorns In Beautiful Places
  51. High Up In The Sky
  52. Down On The Farm
  53. Fore!
  54. Time flies like an arrow, butterflies like a flower
  55. Morning Dew
  56. Mountain Trout
  57. As summer ends
  58. Flash in the Night
  59. Man of Stone
  60. Heading south
  61. Fetch!
  62. Meadow
  63. Carousel
  64. Sunset

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