Christmas Challenge 2017: Final Round Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year!

This is the final round up post for our 2017 Christmas Challenge covering days 18 through 25. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was quite enjoyable reading what everyone came up with for entries! I must confess that with all of the preparations for Christmas and time with family I was unable to complete an entry for each of the days. It was fun on the days I did manage though 🙂

If you missed them, Round Up #1 covered days 1 – 9 and Round Up #2 covered days 10 – 17. There have also been new entries for those days that have since been added!


Day 18 – Santa

The Santa Hustle (

Senryu – The Penguin and Santa (

Christmas Challenge: Santa (


Day 19 – Angel

Poem – I Wandered Lost Among The Fallen Angels (

Christmas Challenge: Angel (


Day 20 – Stocking

Christmas Challenge: Stocking (


Day 21 – Joy

No Entries


Day 22 – Tree

Senryu – Christmas Tree (

Christmas Challenge: Tree (


Day 23 – Child

No Entries


Day 24 – Bells

Senryu – Bells (


Day 25 – Gift

No Entries


Thanks again to all who were able to join in! Brief summary of participating blogs:

Afterwards – Amazing fiction and humorous posts and poetry

Kelly Griffiths – Creative fiction and poetry

Cactus Haiku – Fun haiku and senryu poetry

Just a Few Words – Original drawings and poetry, introspective blog

Kayla Ann Author – Energetic and exciting blog, drinks tea, lives life, and writes about it!

Wind Kisses – Blogging from Arizona, poetry and photography




Christmas Challenge: Tree

This is for day 22 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. The prompt being, tree.

In a bit of communal spread of holiday cheer, Rebel Girl over at had posted pictures and asked, Do you have your tree up?  In response, and as requested, the featured image is a picture of our Christmas tree this year. Just a tablet snapshot unlike the fancy pictures they post over there 😉


And now a quick tree poem:


Our tree with its green,

Oh what cheer it does bring,

Looking fancy with all of its lights…


With an angel on top,

How it sparkles non-stop,

Bringing joy to all these dark nights.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season!



© 2017 – James Sponseller –


Christmas Challenge: Stocking

This is for day 20 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. The prompt is stocking.

Feel free to join in at any time and thank you to all those that already have!

Nothing miraculous, just a short haiku for this one:


Stockings hung with care….

To be filled with wondrous things…

Disappointing coal 😦


Stockings image courtesy of


© 2017 – James Sponseller –


Christmas Challenge: Angel

Welcome to day 19 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. The prompt for today is angel.

I invite you to join in on the challenge at any time. Have a great Christmas season!


[Begin scene]

A special message, you have to tell,

To men of every worth…


A message sent to make men well,

Announce the Christ child’s birth…


So great a song that you now sing,

Dear Angel in the sky…


About his birth, the gift he brings,

That men no more shall die. 

[End scene]


Angel image courtesy of


© 2017 – James Sponseller –

Christmas Challenge: Santa

Welcome to day 18 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge! The prompt for today is Santa. Feel free to join in at any time!


[Begin scene]

Santa tried on so many suits,

A search for his best color….


Something that accents his boots,

A match just like no other….


A coat that’s blue, a vibrant hue,

But for him it would not do…


He tried on green, like a lima bean,

In that he’d not like to be seen…


Next up came yellow, he let out a bellow,

Something else for this portly fellow…


But once in red, from his toes to his head,

He knew he had found his best threads!

[End scene]


Santa image courtesy of


© 2017 – James Sponseller –


Christmas Challenge: Week #2 Round-Up

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting, sharing, and participating in the 2017 Christmas Challenge here at! We’ve had a decent turn out so far (thank you all!) but we’re always open to more participants!

This is the second round-up post to highlight all the participants in week 2, days 10 through 17. For participants of the first 9 day prompts be sure to check out Christmas Challenge, Weekish #1 Round-up!

Day 10 – Sleigh

Christmas Challenge: Sleigh (

Dark Christmas – Sleigh (


Day 11 – Light

Just a Few Words (

Christmas Challenge – Light ( – Rebel Girl)

Christmas Challenge: Light (

Dark Christmas – Light (


Day 12 – Rudolph

Senryu – Rudolph (

Scene – Christmas Challenge: Rudolph (


Day 13 – Shepherd

Christmas Challenge: Shepherd (


Day 14 – Snowflake

Christmas Challenge: Snowflake (


Day 15 – Manger

Christmas Challenge: Manger (


Day 16 – Reindeer

Senryu – Quaint Holiday Yard (


Day 17 – Magi

Blogmas Poem – Time To Remember (


Hopefully my compass is in tune and I didn’t overlook any! If so, please tell me in a comment so I can fix the faux pas! Thank you!


Santa Tracker

Just a short post….I’ve been so busy I haven’t managed a proper post these last couple days.

Anyway, for some fun holiday bliss, if you haven’t seen the Google Santa Village and tracker, it is a cute little countdown.

I hope to be catching up on the Christmas Challenge as well as join in on the Blogmas Challenge over at KaylaAnn Author.


Santa image from the Google Santa Tracker.

Christmas Challenge: Manger

Welcome to the 15th day of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. The prompt for today is manger.

[Begin scene]

Meager manger full of hay,

A soft place for our Lord to lay,

He didn’t have the longest stay,

Yet lived his life to pave the way.

With this I am so glad to say,

We’ll be with him and God some day.

[End scene]


Manger image courtesy of


© 2017 – James Sponseller –


Christmas Challenge: Snowflake

Welcome to day 14 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge, I apologize for it coming a day late. The prompt is snowflake.

[Begin scene]

It is that time of year,
For those of us up north…

To hunker down inside,
As snowflakes do come forth…

Unique in shape and size,
Is every little flake…

And to our hungry eyes,
A pretty scene they make.

[End scene]


Snowflake image courtesy of


© 2017 – James Sponseller –


Christmas Challenge: Shepherd

Welcome to day 13 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. Please join in on the challenge fun, the steps can be found at that link.

[Begin scene]

As shepherds tend their flock,
Unto them comes a shock…

The angels take to song,
Voicing joy all night long…

Be not afraid, ye men,
Peace this night is given…

In a manger him you’ll find,
This gift to all mankind.

[End scene]


Shepherd image courtesy of


© 2017 – James Sponseller –



Scene – Christmas Challenge: Rudolph

Welcome to Day 12 of our 2017 Christmas Challenge. The prompt for today is Rudolph. Just click on the link for steps to join in on the challenge fun!


[Begin scene]

A quiet night, snow falling lightly to the ground…

The faint sound of sleigh bells jingling overhead, almost lost among the snowflakes…

A bright red light, leading the team of reindeer as they pull the sleigh across the sky…

The light, known to be Rudolph’s nose, casting a red hue all about…

A memory of a flight of past years, soon to be repeated this coming Christmas Eve.


[End scene]



Original Reindeer image courtesy of, modified to suit by me.



© 2017 – James Sponseller –



Daily Prompt: Elegance

A Christmas Haiku to go along with the Daily Post – daily prompt: Elegance

Lights nearly finished…
Reesie puppy plays along…
Elegance awaits.


Delightful Image courtesy of my wife!


© 2017 – James Sponseller –