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  • Seasons End (poem)

    Corn is standing tall, Color fades away… Sun begins to fall, Casts its golden rays… Leaves are turning brown, Stalks are showing age… The chapter winding down, Another turn of page… One day snow will come, Truly mark the day…… Read More ›

  • Moday Memory: Reflections of Paradise (scene)

    [Begin scene] A vision filled with soft pinks and blues… Water so still, its surface a one-way mirror… Reflections of paradise above magnify the beauty… A sight of calm, such a pleasure to behold. [End scene] © 2018 – James… Read More ›

  • Bravado (story, part 1 of 3)

    Charlie peered around the corner of the hen house, looking to see if any of the hens would see him returning. The coast clear, he stepped into the muddy yard and headed for the ramp that would take him up… Read More ›

  • Date Night (story)

    Allen and Susan were having their first date night out in what seemed like forever. Between their kids’ recitals, practices, and games there didn’t seem to be time for just the two of them anymore. Allen had arranged for his… Read More ›

  • 5 Vibrant Blooms to Boost Your Thursday

    It’s Thursday. Past Wednesday and winding down for the week but not yet to the freedom following the Friday workday. Here’s 5 vibrant bloom images to boost your mood and see you through the day. 1. First up a beautiful… Read More ›

  • Awkward! (story)

    Awkward. That’s one way to describe how Kylie felt after rounding the corner right into an open locker door. Mostly she just wanted to melt away. To be away from the glares and stares of the other students crowding the… Read More ›

  • Pontificate (prose)

    Please pontificate the prettiness of this posie’s pink petals… My musings mainly make much of these mightily memorable moments… Relish these rosie relaxing relations relayed for ravishing readers… Fun with alliteration 🙂 Have a great day! © 2018 – James… Read More ›