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  • Subtly Brown, A Poem and FOTD

    No flare for me, Just a subtle retreat, Into the worlds of brown… Don’t need to be, A color so sweet, No need to be like a clown… Yet here you see, Still look pretty neat, So smile, don’t give… Read More ›

  • Berry Stems, FOTD

    I hope this doesn’t break Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge rules badly. I found these stems which used to hold berries quite stunning on their own! For FOTD November 6, 2019 Thanks for stopping by and have a great… Read More ›

  • Keeps Honest Men Honest, A Flash Fiction

    I remember the times when conversations with my grandmother remained germane but lately they stray in unexpected directions. I have been told it may be due to her memories becoming increasingly foggy now that she has reached such elderly heights… Read More ›

  • Welcomed Home, A Twittering Tale

    The factory where Drew worked already had several safety complaints this quarter. The frayed load straps that caused the large slab to fall would be yet another. This was the third workplace death this year but it no longered mattered… Read More ›