Christmas Challenge: Town

Day 5 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Town

Feel free to join in on the challenge at any time!

[Begin scene]

A silent town, the dead of night,

Bethlehem, this quiet sight…


Arriving late, this family new,

The mother tired, her baby due…


Finding no rooms, in which to sleep,

The couple take shelter, among the sheep…


The time has come, a time of joy,

She’s given birth, to a special boy…


Named him Jesus, Emmanuel,

Now go forth, the world to tell.

[End scene]



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Scene: Frosting

[Begin scene]

A chilled morning, an ideal place for frost…

The frosted glass table sits quietly, freezing in the crisp air…

Upon it a leaf, taking on the color of copper patina, its edges highlighted by a light frosting…

The scene frozen, awaiting the sun beams that will soon bring warmth, erasing this beautiful moment, replacing it with another.


[End scene]


Credit for this image goes to my wife.


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Christmas Challenge: Elf

Here is day 4 of mindescapes Christmas Challenge 2017: Elf. Feel free to join in the challenge at any time!

[Begin scene]

Billy the elf was quite ashamed of himself, he didn’t know what he could do…

He had tried to wrap gifts, became wrapped up with it, as he didn’t quite have a clue…

Next he gave it a try, to hang ornaments high, yet at that he rather failed too…

So he loaded the sleigh, but the pile gave way, and all you could see was his shoes…

Then he wracked his brain, and he thought of a train, now he loves his job, ‘Choo-Choo!’

[End scene]



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Christmas Challenge: Donkey

Day 3 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: donkey.

[Begin scene]

Little donkey, oh so strong,

On the journey, walk along…


On your back a precious gift,

That will bring a joyous lift…


To the world that’s been so dark,

With some hope mankind will hark…


Listen to the angels sing,

Of the blessing you help bring…


Carry on, do not delay,

At the end, a bed of hay.

[End scene]

One of the small Christmas joys are the songs that can be heard all around. Even a song about a donkey: Dominick the Donkey


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Tenterhook – Daily Prompt

Tenterhook, a term from another age and one I was unfamiliar with. Thank you, daily prompt, for expanding my knowledge.

A tenterhook is a small hook usually placed many in a row on a wooden frame to keep tension on drying wool. This would prevent the cloth from shrinking when it dried. Since it would be under tension when on the tenterhooks, a phrase arose, “on tenterhooks”, to indicate someone was stressed or tense.

I think that can describe many people in this busy holiday season. Try to find ways to release and avoid such stresses and have a wonderful day!




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Scene: Morning Frost

[Begin scene]

A bright, brisk morning, the early sun gives the frosted blades of grass a slight sparkle

The blue sky, spanned by clouds, reflected in the calm, still pond…

A family of geese glide silently through the water…

A distant farm, not yet bustling with activity, just emerging from sleep to start the day.

Quiet, Peaceful, Serene

[End scene]




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Christmas Challenge: Journey

The Christmas Challenge prompts start with Journey. That is because the Christmas story begins very early with the journey of Joseph and Mary travelling back to Joseph’s family lineage town of Bethlehem. Also, for each of us to find our faith we all must journey spiritually.

Anyway, a short haiku to start off the challenge:

A journey so far…

The town of Bethlehem sought…

Brings light to the world.




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