Weekly Recap #1


For those of you that missed the happenings here at mindescapes.net this week, here’s a brief recap:

Added new scenes:


Posted my first ‘quick ficts’ short story:

And created some general artwork:


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Quick Ficts: Jonathon and the Werewolves

Quick Ficts are short fictional stories I write from time to time. I am going to try to post one each week. The topics will vary, right now with Halloween just around the corner, the next few will run with related themes. Without further ado :

Jonathon and the Werewolves


Jonathon knew he was in trouble now. He winced at each clank as his revolver tumbled down the side of the ravine. The only defense he had against THEM were the six silver bullets loaded inside it. He cursed himself for being clumsy as he watched the gun come to a stop at the bottom. Now defenseless and the sun quickly setting, he needed to find his sister soon.

She knew better than to wander far from the village on days of a full moon but she just hasn’t been the same since their parents passed away last month. They were taken by a sickness that swept through the village. A sickness that set upon the whole family but only the children’s youth allowed them to recover while their parents succumbed. On their deathbed, Jonathon had promised his parents that he would look after his younger sister, Bethany. A promise that had now brought him to the top of this ravine, hoping to find his sister here again.

Of late she had taken to spending the afternoons up here, staring towards the horizon, as if expecting to see her parents arriving home from one of their trips to a nearby village. When he arrived today, she was nowhere in sight. And now the day was at a close, the sun dipping past the horizon, replaced in the east by the bright rising moon.
“BETHHHHAAAAANNYYYY”, he shouted, again and again, pausing in between to listen for some reply. Silence. His sense of panic began to grow as the seconds passed by. Still no response.

“A-ROOOOOO”, the howl breaking the silence. The first of several howls
to ring out from the basin below. He needed to get back to the safety of the village NOW! He hoped he had simply missed crossing paths with Bethany on his way out here and that she was safe in the village because he had just run out of time to search.

Jonathon broke into a run away from the cliff that overlooked the ravine and headed to where the slope was more gradual. He would be able to keep a good pace as he raced back towards the village, hoping to avoid the beasts.

“A-ROOOOO”, a howl from somewhere behind him. THEY were already in pursuit but were still paces behind. He picked up his pace, reaching the limits to what his legs could do, running faster towards the bottom of the hill and the road that would see him quickly back to town.

“UMPHH”, the sound escaping him as his face hit the dirt. Tripped up by a root sticking up from the ground, his escape had been delayed. He scrambled to get back up, desperate to flee, but collapsed again when his ankle could not bear his weight. The night went still, quiet. Too quiet. Then THEY emerged from the shadows, beady eyes glinting in the moonlight. There were only two werewolves standing there but even one alone would be too many. The nearest werewolf poised to pounce, mouth open wide, saliva dripping from its rows of fangs.

“BANG!!”, the loud clap echoing around. The near werewolf was thrown back a pace where it shuddered a bit before falling still. The other tore off into the night, no longer interested in its prey, not wanting the same fate. “Jonathon!”, a young voice exclaimed and suddenly he was nearly tackled by his little sister. Behind her, now examining the dead werewolf, was the village’s renowned hunter. He looked rather pleased with his success and quipped, “Bit of silver always does the trick.”

Bethany and the hunter helped Jonathon up onto his good leg and they returned to the village, Jonathon hobbling along, thankful for his sister’s aid. She explained on the way back just where she had really been that day and how she sought the hunter’s help when she realized her brother must have gone out looking for her.

Though he had vowed to look after her, it didn’t quite work out that way. This time anyway.




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Scene: Then There Were None


[Begin scene]

Dangling from the eaves of a small house is a paper bundle of empty pockets…

The whites, grays, and browns of the papery substance arranged in a honeycomb like pattern…

Once home to a thriving brood, this nest now lies dormant, abandoned…

For weeks the yellow and black wasps would emerge from the cells and continue to work on their elegant home…

As the weather turned, one by one they left, with a queen among the last to launch

And then there were none.

[End scene]




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No Coincidence

It is no coincidence that I see more visitors/exposure on days I respond to the Daily Prompts or take a dip in the Community Pool.

Thank you for those resources!

Scene: Mums the Word


[Begin scene]

Basking in the late day sun, a collection of mums announce the changes of autumn…

The very green leaves provide a nice backdrop for the colorful flowers…

Petals foretelling of the coming change, they display vibrant reds, warm golds, and soft browns…

Bees buzz around, stopping here and there in final preparations for the coming cold…

Fall is here.

[End scene]



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Scene: Red Balloon


Relax, clear your mind and imagine

[Begin scene]

Afloat, aloft, in a beautiful sky,

Climbs a small red balloon, up very high…


From this vantage point, he can clearly see,

The outstretched arm, of a toddler of three…


‘Twas there he started this journey away,

No way to return and no way to stay…


He is not focused, he has not a plan,

Just drifts through the air, wherever he can…


One day he will stop, one day he will land,

For now he flies free, unbound to a hand.

[End scene]


I hope you enjoyed the poem format!



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Artwork: Foreign Planet


Alien world, foreign planet.