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  • A Sinking Ship, A Micro Tale

    Calming the crowds as the ship was sinking, the musicians began another tune. Much like the Titanic, it brought little cheer before the end came. ——————— Not to be a ‘Sky is Falling!’ sort, but somedays, that’s how our current… Read More ›

  • Sunday Photo Fiction, A Catption ;)

    As you can see, I clearly haven’t had enough to drink to have dinner with a chicken. Unless the chicken IS dinner! —————- A good picture for prompting many stories I am sure but short on time lately. Thank you,… Read More ›

  • Fond Memories, A Remeniscing Poem

    Bright colored leaves, Blue solid skies, Warm autumn breeze, Fill my minds eyes… Remembering clear, Of days not long past, Where color brought cheer, And the leaves held fast… Look about now, What do I see, A gray sky of… Read More ›

  • An Arrow With Your Name On It, A Flash Fiction

    Please don’t be mine! I thought to myself quietly as Andrew drew forth another arrow from the cache. You see, at camp we have a unique way of assigning work duties and Andrew, the camp’s best archer, was about to… Read More ›