Christmas Challenge: Sleigh

Here is day 10 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Sleigh.

Join in the challenge if you can!

[Begin scene]

A jolly old man in a bright red suit will soon load up his sleigh,

And once filled up on Christmas Eve, he will be on his way…


With reindeer pulling on their reins to make it all take flight,

He’ll bring good gifts to girls and boys, completing in one night…


So listen for the tell tale sound as many sleigh bells ring,

For Santa Claus could be near, a gift for you he’ll bring.

[End scene]


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Christmas Challenge: Stable

Welcome to day 9 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge. The challenge prompt today is Stable.

You are invited to join in on the challenge at any time!

[Begin scene]

To what degree of humbleness be,
Coming into the world at a stable…

Oh what a way to begin ones stay,
‘Specially one through whom all things are able…

A man he will be, to set all of us free,
From our sins that bind like a cable…

Our homage to pay, on this Christmas day,
Welcome one and all to his table.

[End scene]


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Scene: Varnishable View

[Begin scene]

A quiet day approaches its end…

The setting sun sets the sky ablaze…

Red, orange, yellow, like liquid fire spanning across the horizon…

A view you would love to varnish and keep forever, the beauty in your mind.

[End scene]


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Christmas Challenge: Chimney

Day 8 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Chimney.

I invite you to join in the challenge at any time!

[Begin scene]

This chimney here is made of brick,
Square, solid, and sound…

A special man zips down it quick,
Though he is quite round…

A bit of magic Christmas Eve,
Allows for such a feat…

He slips right through just like a sieve,
And doesn’t feel the heat…

Bringing gifts as children sleep,
Moving as time flows…

And with a wink he leans in deep,
The chimney, up he goes!

[End scene]




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Christmas Challenge: Inn

Day 7 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Inn

Feel free to join in the challenge at any time!


[Begin scene]

“Good evening, good sir,
I can’t help, we are full”…

“Oh dear, now I see her,
But a room I can’t pull”…

“I’m afraid in this town,
There is no other inn”…

“Where could you lie down?”,
He said, scratching his chin…

“Twould be better to stay,
Inside somewhere this night”…

“We’ve a stable with hay,
Isn’t much, you are right”…

“But you’re welcome to rest,
‘Til the sun rises high”…

“Stay the night, likely best,
For the birth may be nigh.”

[End scene]

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Oh, The Sweets!

I always find it difficult not to gorge on sweets during the holidays. I am fortunate to have many to choose from and choose I do. Near the top of my favorites list are iced cutout cookies. Baked sugar and butter with more sugar on top! What’s not to like?! They come in so many lovely colors and shapes too!

What are your favorite sweets?



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Christmas Challenge: Naughty

Day 6 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Naughty.

I’ve combined it with day 2: Nice. Probably should not have split those up to start with. Without further ado:

[Begin scene]

Naughty or nice it will be deemed,
Which do you think you have esteemed…

In check, I’ve kept my naughty side,
In hopes I’ll get a pony to ride…

It’s all I want, I’ve asked it thrice,
I’ve tried all year to just be nice…

So please now Santa, judge me true,
And gift me what I’ve asked of you…

I thank you now and hold you dear,
I’ll be real good the entire year!

[End scene]


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