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  • An Apple A Day

    They say an apple a day keeps the doctor a way. Well, drawing an apple a day…will make you good at drawing apples anyway. This is my latest image drawn with Medibang Paint on my Android tablet. The more tutorials… Read More ›

  • What Worth Has A Rose?

    Yellow Rose

    Pictured here is the first open bloom of a rose bush my children picked out for my wife this past Mother’s day. She had mentioned she wanted a rose bush and our oldest daughter knows Mommy’s favorite color is yellow,… Read More ›

  • Berries of Red

    Little red berries seen dangling about, With quite darker branches, they rather stand out… Along with the leaves, of this red colored tree, You may find them dancing, tethered yet free… One day they will tumble, and leave this tree… Read More ›

  • Knight In Shaded…Well, Not Armor, Bliss Maybe?

    Chess Piece, Knight

    Taking what I have learned about the tools in Medibang Paint and the reading and practice on shading I have been working on lately. I have accomplished this, not completely flat chess piece. Looking closely you can still see sloppy… Read More ›