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  • Christmas Challenge: Naughty

    Day 6 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Naughty. I’ve combined it with day 2: Nice. Probably should not have split those up to start with. Without further ado: [Begin scene] Naughty or nice it will be deemed, Which do you think… Read More ›

  • Christmas Challenge: Town

    Day 5 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: Town Feel free to join in on the challenge at any time! [Begin scene] A silent town, the dead of night, Bethlehem, this quiet sight…   Arriving late, this family new, The mother… Read More ›

  • Scene: Frosting

    [Begin scene] A chilled morning, an ideal place for frost… The frosted glass table sits quietly, freezing in the crisp air… Upon it a leaf, taking on the color of copper patina, its edges highlighted by a light frosting… The scene… Read More ›

  • Christmas Challenge: Elf

    Here is day 4 of mindescapes Christmas Challenge 2017: Elf. Feel free to join in the challenge at any time! [Begin scene] Billy the elf was quite ashamed of himself, he didn’t know what he could do… He had tried to… Read More ›

  • Christmas Challenge: Donkey

    Day 3 of the 2017 Christmas Challenge: donkey. [Begin scene] Little donkey, oh so strong, On the journey, walk along…   On your back a precious gift, That will bring a joyous lift…   To the world that’s been so… Read More ›

  • Tenterhook – Daily Prompt

    Tenterhook, a term from another age and one I was unfamiliar with. Thank you, daily prompt, for expanding my knowledge. A tenterhook is a small hook usually placed many in a row on a wooden frame to keep tension on… Read More ›

  • Scene: Morning Frost

    [Begin scene] A bright, brisk morning, the early sun gives the frosted blades of grass a slight sparkle… The blue sky, spanned by clouds, reflected in the calm, still pond… A family of geese glide silently through the water… A distant… Read More ›