A Child’s Gift

Dandelion Bouquet

“For you, Daddy!”, she said to me, dandelions in her hand…

“Thank you!”, I said, as I held them close, her face beamed oh so grand!

The gift, you see, is something more, a symbol of her love…

For this I stop and spare a thought, to thank the Lord above.

The dandelions in the photo are just that, a gift from my 3 year old daughter just yesterday. We were outside where I was working a bit on the play set in our backyard. I had placed them on the post top while working and could enjoy the gift simply by looking over.

I imagine just about anyone who has had small children has received similar such gifts from them. I hope they cherished them as much as I do!

Please take a moment and share a comment about a gift like this that you received once!

Have a great day and thanks for joining me!

Jim Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2021

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  1. Yes, the joy of a child giving is so precious!

  2. It is indeed. 🙂 Thanks!

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