Raven’s Curse

Raven: Not Your Standard Snowbird

Black as night from beak to toe,

Saddled with unholy glow…

Viewed in fear by those around,

Reasons near cannot be found…

Where death lies, I am drawn near,

My solemn sound, it brings no cheer…

Yet fear me not, I want to say,

Is not my fault, I’m made this way.

The poor raven, saddled with a spooky persona. Likened to heralds of doom, they just want to be loved like everyone else!

Prompted by the Word of the Day Challenge: Raven

Raven image by Alexas_Fotos @ pixabay.com

Jim Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2020

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  1. So beautiful; thanks for sharing.

    “Wear death lies, I am drawn near” – do you mean “where”?

  2. I do, thanks for pointing that out!..going to correct it.

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