Road Closed, Detour – A Poem Encounter

Driving down a well known road,

Come to find it’s closed,

Temper flares, does not explode,

Yet still I feel we’re hosed,

What’s that there, a detour sign,

Surely that’s the way,

Turn now left, We’ll be just fine,

Just watch for signs I say,

After just a little while,

The road gives ways to grass,

This little trip, now a trial,

Oh how the minutes pass,

Among some trees, we’ve lost the path,

Do you see that just there?

A cauldron boils, a slimy bath,

Could there be witches near?

Cackles ring through out the air,

As witches now arrive,

“Come stay with us! We’ve much to share”

“You need not fear your lives.”

“Unless, of course, you’re rude to us”

The witches say in turn.

I look to you, “Can them we trust?”

“Or will they make us burn?”

With little choice, we join the three,

We tell them we are lost,

“Of course!”, they say, with grins of glee,

“For all the signs we tossed”,

Grimalda was the nicest one,

Then Harriet, her twin,

The other with hair in a bun,

Named Frieda, is quite thin,

They offer us, some of their brew,

Not wanting to offend,

We ate with them, was quite a stew,

The herbs a perfect blend,

They wished us well after some time,

Then sent us on our way,

And as we left, I formed this rhyme,

“Was quite a night!”, I say.

This was based on the following prompts:

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: detour

Monstrous Halloween, entry 12. One word prompt: cauldron

Find more fun Halloween related writing prompts at:

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Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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