Monstrous Halloween: Fun and Spooky Prompts for 2019

Header image of a spooky house with a full moon highlighting Monstrous Halloween 2019 Writing Prompts
Monstrous Halloween: Fun and Spooky Prompts for 2019

Welcome to my first year of hosting a Halloween Writing Challenge. Simply pick a prompt from below and create your post. Once that is done, link back to this post from within your own to create a ping-back or enter a comment below with a link to your entry. You can enter as many times for as many prompts as you like, there is no limit. I do ask that you please keep the content PG for our family viewers. Complete them all and win a bit more praise from me and your readers! Well, at least from me anyway.

I will be posting a weekly roundup post, planning on Sundays right now, highlighting any entries from the week so don’t be shy.

Without further ado, here are the prompts for Monstrous Halloween 2019!

  1. One Word Prompt: Pumpkin
  2. A witch has turned you into a cat, how’s that working out?
  3. The headless horseman chases you right smack into a corn maze…can you escape?
  4. You’re at a ‘costume’ party when you realize, none of the other creatures attending are costumed. What happens?
  5. One Word Prompt: Spider
  6. A ghost moves in with you. Describe its antics and how you meet.
  7. You are abducted by aliens. What are the aliens like?
  8. As a slayer of monsters, describe your toughest battle.
  9. The phone rings at midnight, who’s calling?
  10. All the doors leaving your house open to another dimension, where do you end up?
  11. You hear a tree crying about his/her thinning mane, how do you console them?
  12. One Word Prompt: Cauldron
  13. A bell tolls thirteen times, then…
  14. You open your closet to find an actual skeleton, how did it get there?
  15. Your favorite child’s toy comes to life
  16. Tell a scary story about a summer camp
  17. A woman in the mirror screams when you look in
  18. One Word Prompt: Vampire
  19. Bigfoot moves in next door, what kind of neighbor is he?
  20. The Grim Reaper makes a deal with you…explain the terms?
  21. You find yourself lost in a haunted forest, how spooky is it?
  22. You find a creature living under your stairs
  23. The full moon rises blood red, what is it a sign of?
  24. One Word Prompt: Demon
  25. A thick fog settles into your town for a week, people start to disappear, what’s going on?
  26. A dragon arrives and burns down….
  27. You have a recurring nightmare, what’s it about?
  28. Just as you are walking by a graveyard, the ground erupts and this emerges…
  29. The zombie apocalypse has arrived – you’re still alive, who’s with you?
  30. One Word Prompt: Witch
  31. Happy Halloween! Use these three words in your entry: Trick, Treat, Candy

Special thanks to cocoparisienne @ pixabay for the spooky house and moon image!

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