Halloween Challenge, Day 23: Matchmaker (story)

“What have we here…”, came the shrill voice as I entered the tattered hut. “Seeking a match are we?” said the woman standing inside, squinting as I entered.

She looked to be at least eleventy hundred years old but I had heard she was much much older than that. Some called her Oracle but I knew she was no such thing, just the best at her matchmaking craft for otherworldly denizens.

“Uh, no, not for me…but a friend”, I stammered.

“I could fix you up well with a nice spider lady I know! Sleep in a comfortable web each night, you would.”, she replied, as if still planning my future spouse.

“My friend”, I continued, pretending to have missed her comment, “He’s had quite a difficult time finding a suitable match, I came here hoping you could help him out.”

“No to the spider lady? Well, there is this witch that would be perfect for you! Makes a hearty stew in that couldron of hers. You’d not hunger in her house.”, still not acknowledging that I came to help a friend.

“Listen! I am here to help a friend! He’s a mountain troll that needs a spouse! Not someone dainty as a mouse but someone who is strong and bold and holds within a heart of gold!”, My voice rising a little in frustration, not noticing the rhyme flowing out.

“Such fire and flare!”, she exclaimed, now looking at me with hungry eyes. “I think I shall wed you myself!”

I tried to flee, unaware that entering the hut uninvited had trapped me there until she gave me permission to leave. I must admit, she has been kind. She even matched my friend with a lovely ogre lady from the forest and they’ve hit it off great! One day, I may even come to welcome the match she made for me.

[The end]

Never enter uninvited!

This is my entry for Day 23 of the 31 Days of Halloween writing challenge hosted at Flutter by Literature.

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Special thanks to LoboStudioHamburg @ pixabay for the mystical forest image

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