Oh, The Sweets!

I always find it difficult not to gorge on sweets during the holidays. I am fortunate to have many to choose from and choose I do. Near the top of my favorites list are iced cutout cookies. Baked sugar and butter with more sugar on top! What’s not to like?! They come in so many lovely colors and shapes too!

What are your favorite sweets?



Cookies image courtesy of pixabay.com


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  1. I love peanut butter cookies!
    Great blogmas posts, I’m hosting a blogmas contest through my blog and I hope you submit something too!

  2. Rum Truffle cakes by Dan Cake. Mmmm!!!

  3. Thank you! I will check it out!

  4. Arrr, rum cakes. Me pirate dad he be bringing they rum cakes home from his raids. Ahoy, that be where I gets me name. Baba be a type of rum cake.

  5. Tis a fine name, Baba! May ye be havin the finest of rums!

  6. German chocolate cake and pecan pies are my favorites.

  7. Good choices too! I like both 🙂

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