Halloween Challenge: Party

For the Party day of JNW’s Halloween Challenge I’ve decided on a flash fiction.

[Begin scene]

Jones arrived at the party, not sure he should have come. Noone called him by his first name, just “Jones”, as if not caring to get to know him.

Costumed as he was, it was unlikely anyone would recognize him anyway.

Then he saw her. Fitting that she should be dressed like an angel. The girl of his dreams, come from heaven, likely to fly right by.

Unable to tame his heart, he started to turn away, afraid to face such disappointment.

“Michael?”, his name like a song in her voice. He looked at her.

“I am glad you came!”, she said, smiling at him.

His costume did not hide him as he thought it would but it didn’t matter now.

He smiled back. She knew his name!

[End scene]





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