Scene: Leaving the Nest

We all must do it at some point.

[Begin scene]

Nestled deep in the branches of a pine tree, surrounded by dark green needles, sits a little bird nest…

Just outside the nest hopping from branch to branch tentatively is a young blue jay in near full plumage…

His familiar blue feathers ruffling as he hops branch to branch, waiting to take that flight…

Nearby the mother bird chirps expectantly, insisting that the time is indeed now…

With a final chirp in goodbye, the young blue jay leaps into the air, spreading wings that will carry him forth in this life…

Grown up.

[End scene]


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  1. After a long day there is nothing I Love more than to return to the Safety of my warm cosy nest.

  2. Yeah, that is a nice feeling. Especially snuggling in when winter sets in.

  3. It is the knowing I have to go out in it that depresses me.

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